As Sharp As a Feather - PowerHouseFX

Live action CG Integration in collaboration with Power House FX


12/1/20221 min read

For this project we got the chance to have mentors from Power House FX: Ed Mendez, co-founder and VFX supervisor, Nick Dauphinais, 2D supervisor and Monica Manalo-Hosenball, 3D supervisor to guide us through the quarter. Our team, SKREP included Elsie Halet, Payton Schade, Samuvel Sukumaran, Rebecca Lau and myself worked on creating a sci-fi live action short of a woman's metalic bird transformation. We had 10 weeks to come up with a concept, film our footage and refine everything in post. Here's our final edit:

My contribution of this project consisted of body tracking, rotoing, face feather lighting and scar compositing. It involved a lot of learning curve because some aspects required the use of methods I haven't worked with such as KeenTools. Here I want to provide breakdown for the shots I was responsible for.

Overall, this project was a great experience and I've learnt a lot about the workflow of a remote vfx studio. KeenTools body and face tracker is definitely a great method for matching complex movements, which I will definitely explore more in the future.